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A Quién Corresponda

Collective Exhibition

[finalization]                2019 
[location]                      Kirkland Gallery, Boston MA



Lámina de Acero cal. 22 y pintura Vinílica

0.216 x 0.279 x 0.021m


To whom it may concern,

"In Mexico, any architectural work, regardless of its scale or relevance, requires the blessing of one of the Construction Workers' Unions. Almost in a religious way, we celebrate, directly or indirectly, an offering ritual to have your work consent. In return, a metallic sheet with black and red background and white labels are given, which gives faith in its approval.

"Ex-Voto" is a protest piece that makes direct reference to the corrupt and ill-conceived bureaucratic processes that surround the architectural work in our country, without distinguishing the individuality of the architectural practice, and making a call to encourage proactive processes, legitimate, and useful for society in general."

[photo] Piero Demichelis, Edgar Rodríguez

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