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Dynamic Arrangements

Dynamic Arrangements is an ongoing photographic project started in 2015. This project documents an architecture-related narrative in which the elements that compose the images are thought of as agents of constant change. This allows the images to conserve their force in circumstances that result in a certain arrangement of people and objects in a specific space.


For instance, "Dancers" one of the photographs submitted, features the steel rods and pre-assembled modules typically used to reinforce concrete columns and beams in any basic construction. These metallic grids have become a staple of  urban and rural areas in Mexico, usually protruding or "dancing"  from the rooftops of houses, where they hint at the possibility of a second story in the future, once economic prosperity allows the owners to build it. Meanwhile, they are left to rust, or used for hanging out clothes to dry. This do-it-yourself approach to life visually defines the aesthetics of the project. 

The way the community takes ownership over the space of a patio in a building complex, how the drops of summer rain are arranged in the back window of a taxi, or the circumstances behind finding a lost horse standing in the clear of a lush jungle are other examples of how dynamism is explored in both the image's final result and the story behind them.

OCTNOV14 521-2.jpg
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