The House of Klassified

[finalization] 2020
[architects] Piero Demichelis. DEMA

[contractor] Two-O 
[location] Amsterdam, Netherlands
[total floor area] 110 sqm
[structure] Existing



The House of Klassified is an interior design project hosting an ongoing activity program that merges Klassified music label´s production, event organization, and merchandise showroom in a 110 square meter commercial space situated at street level in Amsterdam West. 

Designed in Mexico City by architect Piero Demichelis DEMA, with sound engineer Xicoténcatl Ladrón de Guevara, and crafted by Amsterdam based design company TWO-O (Bob Koning & Rodny Heemskerk), the project is a proof that ideas have no boundaries; an ethos expressed by Klassified itself, sharing music and connecting people around the globe in their journey.

The concept behind the design is to create fluid connections between activities held in the local´s long rectangular space, limiting the use of walls that could confine the versatility of the project. Having this in mind, we imagined the program's activities as “bubbles”, created by metallic rails and curtains hanging from the ceiling, merging and subdividing the space by wrapping and unwrapping different activities in the curtains. These “bubbles” allow the program to swap from private to public spaces by unrolling the curtains; or joining the cells one with another to create a big bubble, the House of Klassified. 

Custom made interior derived from the concept, consisting of a series of modular components such as the music studio, merchandise racks, rails, and furniture designed to be fixed to existing walls using three materials; pinewood, steel, and cotton fabric. The result is an honest and simple, yet rich materiality; an architecture that mirrors and nurtures the core of the label itself.

[photo] Piero Demichelis / Arnaud Moro

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